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Luhan's POV | part 1
>> Plot: Luhan fell in love with Oh Sehun the first day at school but to keep his secret as a werewolf,  he tried his best to ignore Sehun. Oh Sehun on the other hand, loved Luhan back and sticked with him everywhere. Kim Jongin was a bad student, he wanted Luhan to become his friend but Luhan refused, he got mad and decided to hurt Sehun to threat Luhan. When Luhan rusted to the storage where he saw Sehun getting hit, he intermediately lost his control and released his wolf power. At that momment when people knew about his secret, Luhan disappeared, no one would remember that he's ever existed. Axcept one person.
Oh Sehun, he did remember everything. ((tbc))

(出典: luteki)